Welcome to the The Antigua Conservation Society - Helping To Preserve Antigua And Barbuda Natural Habitats...... x

Helping To Preserve Antigua And Barbuda Natural Habitats….


We believe a lack of knowledge and understanding of key environmental issues, and choices that can make a real difference is a leading cause of coastal and marine mismanagement in Antigua and Barbuda. The ACS conducts public information campaigns to raise awareness of critical marine conservation issues on our island. Solutions to problems, and positive development models/practices are highlighted.

We believe a weak connection between environmental integrity and economic development contributes to the low priority accorded to environmental management in national governance. In a “developing country” economy, environmental issues will always be given low priority unless this gap is addressed.

Marine conservation issues must be framed in terms of the importance of environmental integrity to Antigua and Barbuda’s economic development, tourism potential, quality of life, and health and well being of our wider community. Good environmental practices must be seen as profitable and common-sense for individuals, business, and government. A high standard of environmental quality must be seen as an integral part of a prosperous society. The ACS will lobby the government, private sector, and other key stakeholders to bring attention to the economic value of marine conservation, and the importance of good environmental practices to the development agenda.

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